​Notice to English users​

​The Répertoire toxicologique provides information on chemical or biological products used in the workplace. This information allows Québec's employers and workers to have a better knowledge of the health and safety risks associated with the products that they use, thereby promoting the putting in place of appropriate prevention methods.

Please note
The Office québécois de la langue française du Québec requires that all CNESST communications with employers, suppliers and partners be in French only.
Consult the CNESST's language policy to find out more information about those rules.

​English content

In accordance with the rules governing the CNESST communications with English users, the Répertoire toxicologique offers the following English-language content :

  • About the Répertoire
  • List of product classification according to WHMIS
  • List of products with English summary

​English in the product databank

The search engine for the product databank is in French. However, English instructions​ are available and products can be searched by their English name.

When you have found the product you wanted, you can verify if there is English content available (specifically in the Summary or WHMIS section). To do so, simply click on the "English" link on the top of the page.

​Contact the Répertoire​

If you wish to contact us, you can use the Communiquer avec le Répertoire toxicologique form (in french).